Market Update – Week Ending July 30, 2011

Despite some anxiety on Wall Street, home buyers on Main Street were eager to make their purchases. While the number of signed purchase agreements outpaced last year’s levels, seller activity couldn’t keep pace. That has drawn down the available housing inventory for sale. There’s more to the story now that July’s monthly numbers are out.

In the Charlotte region, for the week ending July 30:

• New Listings decreased 21.2% to 846

• Pending Sales increased 20.5% to 541

• Inventory decreased 20.4% to 22,009


For the month of July:

• Median Sales Price increased 2.8% to $163,500

• List to Close increased 4.5% to 150

• Percent of Original List Price Received decreased 0.7% to 89.7%

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